There is a lot of different guidance available in relation to the cleaning of natural stone buildings. This guidance ranges from the cautious “Don’t Do It” approach through to the aggressive “Heavy Duty Sandblaster” method. If you do need to clean natural stone we would always recommend starting with a lighter approach wherever possible in order to determine the level of clean that you require.

A cleaning system should always be selected on a project by project basis, and the options most commonly available are as follows:

•Soft Bristle Brushes – Commonly used to remove loose dirt and debris from stone facades while causing little to no damage to the stone units.

•Low Pressure Steam Cleaning – Commonly used to remove biological growth and paint residue with little damage to the stone units.

•Low Abrasion Cleaning –  Used to remove carbon and lime staining from the surface of the stone through abrasion using a material softer than the stone being cleaned such as Dolomite.

•Chemical Cleaning – These can range from stone friendly chemicals that cause little to no harm, throughout application of acids that will wear away the stone face through prolonged use.

•Sandblasting – This will aggressively remove face of the stone leaving a textured finish and visible damage.

There are a wide range of aftercare products available for maintaining natural stone. At Cumbrian Stone we work closely with Stonehealth Ltd in order to ensure that any aftercare products we offer do not cause damage to the stone or have any adverse long term effects.

The following aftercare products are available to purchase from our showroom in Penrith:

Prevosil – An alcohol based breathable stone sealer that impregnates the surface of the stone.

Carb-Rid – A poultice for the removal of carbon staining.

Fer-Rid – A poultice for the removal of iron and metal staining.

Oil-Rid – A poultice for the removal of oil staining.

Paint-Rid – A paint softener that breaks down oil based paints so that they can be removed without damage.

Stone Repair Kit – A calcium carbonate based stone repair compound that can be colour matched and used to repair damaged or deteriorated stone units.

Altrans – A chemical used for removing metal oxidisation from the face of sandstone.