Sandstone Bridges and Flood Defences

Natural stone has been used in the construction of sandstone bridges and flood defences for centuries thanks to the versatility and durability of stone as a building material.
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Sandstone Bridges and Flood Defences

Bridges, flood defences and other large stone structures often require large stone units that can’t be safely cut and processed on site due to the weight of each individual stone. At Cumbrian Stone we are equiped to handle individual stones up to 15 tons in weight, meanming that we can safely cut, manufacture and handle the large stone components that are required on these projects.

Our design team also often assist in the design and setting out of the stone components at the early stages of bridgework and flood defence construction. Our specialist team can also advise on the best natural stone for the intended final use and location of each natural stone component on your project, and can provide samples of all of our stones for approval on site.

You can take a look at some of the sandstone bridges and flood defence projects we have supplied here, or if you would like to speak to our team about your own project then please get in touch.

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