Project Name and Location
Carlisle Cathedral, Carlisle

Buttress Architects

Stone Supplied
St Bees Sandstone

Overall Project Cost

Natural Stone Cost
£2k excl. carving (2.00%)

Project Completion
Summer 2015

The original St Bees stone entrance to the Cathedral had weathered badly resulting in extensive loss of detail to the main entrance arches. To protect from further damage, the undercut stone carving had been covered with chicken wire netting; however, this was disfiguring to the main entrance and was rusting so the decision to replicate the original carving and restore the entrance was taken.
Sections of the stone were very soft and friable making them unable to support any conservation intervention; therefore decayed sections were carefully removed and replaced with newly carved and cut stone, carefully selected to match the original. Cumbrian Stone’s St Bees sandstone stone was identified as the best match to the original fabric of the arches, with these being supplied to enable the restoration project to be successfully completed.

Natural Stone Awards 2016: Winner of the Craftsmanship Award for the Restoration of the South Transept at Carlisle Cathedral.

Carlisle Cathedral – Download PDF