Project Name and Location
Flood Defences, Carlisle

Volker Stevin

Stone Supplied
Lazonby Sandstone

Overall Project Cost
£13 million

Natural Stone Cost

Project Completion
June 2010

Carlisle’s flood alleviation scheme is a major infrastructure project of national importance for the Environment Agency (EA) resulting from the devastating floods of January 2005. It sets a new benchmark for design quality, innovation, construction and sustainability. Locally the defences protect over 3000 residential, commercial, educational and historic properties including significant public and private infrastructure.
The scheme requirements were to provide a 1 in 200-year flood defence scheme appropriate to the residential, historical and industrial locations along the two environmentally sensitive rivers Eden and Caldew. Opportunities were to be taken to increase the flood storage capacity within the rivers by setting defences back, improve human interaction with the river and enhance the cycle path network.
The scheme has provided the essential infrastructure for Carlisle’s future renaissance by greatly reducing the risk of flooding, creating new areas of high quality public realm, encouraging development along the river, strengthening and enhancing the sustainable transport network and ultimately turning the city’s focus back towards the river.

Flood Defences – Download PDF