Project Name and Location
Lowther Castle, Penrith

Lowther Estates Trust

Stone Supplied
Wattscliffe Sandstone
Longridge Sandstone

Overall Project Cost
£80 million (phased)

Natural Stone Cost
£50k up to Sept 2017

Project Completion

In 2000 the Lowther Estate and English Heritage jointly commissioned a team of historians, landscapers, architects and engineers to review the status of the castle and its grounds, and they produced the Lowther Castle & Garden Conservation Plan.
In 2005 the estate formed an informal partnership with the Northwest Development Agency, English Heritage, Cumbria Vision and the Royal Horticultural Society to regenerate the site. The objectives were to consolidate the ruin, restore the 50-acre (200,000 m2) garden and open the site to the public. The castle and 130 acres of grounds were transferred to a charity called the Lowther Castle and Gardens Trust in 2007 and the site opened to the public on 22 April 2011. In March 2016 the property was sub-leased to Lowther Castle Limited, a non-charitable company formed to manage the activities undertaken at the Castle and Gardens.
Development of Lowther Castle continues.

Lowther Castle – Download PDF