Wattscliffe Sandstone

Wattscliffe Gritstone is medium grained and uniformly lilac / grey in colour with occasional buff / white intrusions. It is essentially a free stone and therefore almost equally durable in most common masonry applications whichever way its natural bed is laid. The Wattscliffe stone is particularly suitable for Perthshire in Scotland as well as Southern Germany, although it would and does grace many other areas. The stone has few natural flaws and cuts well with a general blade, making it a sound economical choice for stone producers.

Wattscliffe sandstone is quarried at Elton near Matlock in Derbyshire, and is distributed to all areas of the UK for a variety of uses.

Wattscliffe Datasheet Sept 2016


Technical Data for Wattscliffe Sandstone

Density kg/m³ 2230 kg/m³ Flexural Strength Not Determined
Water Absorption % 4.75% Slip Resistance (wet) Not Determined
Compressive Strength 56 MPA Salt Crystallisation Not Determined
Porosity % 17.2% Saturated Coefficient 0.67%
Abrasion Resistance Not Determined Slip Resistance (dry) Not Determined


Please note that as natural stone is a natural product there can be variations in the composition of the stone that would result in these test results varying across the raw material. These results are an average taken from the testing of multiple samples taken from several quarried blocks. Cumbrian Stone would always recommend consulting a structural engineer to establish the minimum required properties where natural stone is being used for structural purposes, and the results contained on this website are not to be taken as a structural recommendation in any case.