Lettering and Date Stones

Sandstone is a versatile material that can be cut and carved using a wide variety of methods. It is often used for memorials, date stones, name plates and plaques, with the face of the stone providing the ideal canvas for lettering and sunken details.
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Lettering and Date Stones

The most common style of lettering we carry out is V-Cut lettering, where each letter is cut into the face of the stone in a V-shape in the requested font. These can either be hand-cut or machine-cut depending on your requirements.

In addition to sunken lettering it is possible to have raised details projecting from a stone plaque or date stone. This involves sinking the face of the stone down around the details to be left raised leaving the design standing out from the face of the stone.

If you require the lettering in your stone to stand out and be visible from a larger distance, then it is possible to paint the cut lettering or detail. This is usually carried out with either a black, white or gold paint depending on your requirements, and should be done when the stone is dry.

As sandstone is a porous material it may require several coats to ensure that a high-quality result is achieved, and care must be taken to avoid getting paint on the face of the stone that is not to be painted as this can be difficult to remove. We would always advise that any painting is carried out prior to the stone being fitted.

The size of any lettering and designs can be adjusted to suit the size of your stone plaque or date stone, and we would recommend a minimum letter height of 30mm to allow the letters to be cut to a suitable depth; if the letters are too shallow they may not be visible.

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