A sandstone archway can form part of a prominent entrance to a building and is always a striking feature that is sure to impress. Arches can be designed to span over larger distances than would normally be possible using a single lintel, and their design allows for an even distribution of the weight above the stone to provide additional strength and stability to the opening.

The style and design of an archway can vary significantly depending on its size and the building it is being matched to, however with careful planning and detailing a sandstone arch will fit together without any issues.

The majority of arches are based around circles and are designed to distribute the weight above them evenly across the span.

Some of the most common arch styles found in modern construction are as follows:

Once you have chosen an arch style for your project, Cumbrian Stone will require the following information to be able to start designing your arch for manufacture:

Span – The span of the arch is the width of the opening that the arch bridges across.

Rise – The rise of the arch is the maximum height that can be measured at the highest point of the arch.

Depth – The arch depth is the thickness of the arch stones from front to back.

Voussoir Height – The voussoir height is the height of the individual stones that make up your arch.

These sizes can be taken as follows:

Arch Overview

Cumbrian Stone can assist in the design of your arch, however we would always recommend that your builder double checks all sizes on site prior to ordering to ensure that there will be no issues during installation.

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