Sandstone walling is a popular choice for both modern buildings and traditional style properties. It is regularly used in place of brickwork to give a high end appearance, and can also be used in conjunction with rendered walls to add character to a property. The styles of walling Cumbrian Stone offer are as follows:

Ashlar Walling

Ashlar walling blocks are smooth faced blocks with a rubbed or tooled finish. They can be cut to most sizes depending on your requirements and are the most expensive of the three walling options. It is possible to have ashlar walling cut to a radius/curve if required for your project. Ashlar walling is normally built with joints of between 5mm and 10mm depending on the finished appearance you require.

Ashlar walling can be supplied smooth finished, or alternatively a tooled or sandblasted finish can be applied to change the appearance of the stone. A selection of the available finishes are shown below:

Pitched Faced Walling

Pitched faced walling is the most popular of our walling options. It offers a significant cost saving against ashlar walling and is normally supplied at a 100mm bed depth with course heights of 65mm, 140mm and 215mm for ease of building. These course heights can be built with 10mm joints to form a semi-coursed appearance that is popular in modern sandstone construction. If you would prefer 5mm joints with a pitched faced walling then the course heights should be adjusted to 70mm, 145mm and 220mm in order to accommodate the reduced joint size. This should be requested at the time of quotation as pitched walling with a 5mm joint is not a standard product and may have an increased cost and delivery time from the point of order.

Pitched faced walling is supplied in random lengths with four sawn sides, a pitched front face and a split back face.

Tumbled/Rubble/Bagged Walling

Our tumbled walling is supplied per bag, with each bag yielding approximately 3 – 3.5m². This walling is unscreened and has a varying bed depth of between 100mm and 200mm at random lengths and heights.

Tumbled walling offers the most traditional appearance and is normally the cheapest option when purchasing walling stone, however it does take longer to build and there is often more waste when compared to the pitched faced walling and this should be taken into account when calculating costs.

Measuring for Walling Stone

Once you have decided which walling option is right for your project, and you are ready to place an order, you will need to have the quantity of walling you require in square metres (m²). This will allow us to provide a quotation and delivery time for your order. This is all we need for pitched faced walling and tumbled walling as the lengths are not fixed sizes and the heights are either random or a fixed size depending on your choice.

If you require ashlar walling we will also require the length, width and height of the ashlar blocks you require, along with the radius of any curved areas if you require your stone to be curved.

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