Sandstone balusters are a traditional and elegant way to frame in a staircase or parapet wall. They can often be found on historic properties and larger estates; however, they are also used in modern construction where the budget and style of the building allows. Balusters can either be square cut or circular turned (as per the photographs below), and usually follow a variation on a standard baluster profile.

Cumbrian Stone can manufacture balusters using a CNC lathe to ensure that each stone is the same on your project. This contrasts to traditional hand turned balusters where each stone is usually different due to the traditional methods used when making these stones. By using a CNC lathe this also significantly speeds up the manufacturing process, making sandstone balusters more affordable on your project.

In order to manufacture sandstone balusters Cumbrian Stone require the following sizes:

Length and Width – The width of the widest point on the baluster from front to back and side to side; these would normally be the same as each other.

Height – The overall baluster height from top to bottom.

Profile Details – The details of the profile to be used/matched.

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