The addition of a sandstone coping stone can often provide a stylish and elegant way to finish a wall top whilst also offering practical benefits too. From a weathered top preventing standing water through to detailed profiles enhancing the appearance of a development, sandstone coping stones can be cut and dressed to suit any style of building.

Sandstone copings and pillar caps are an ideal way to finish a wall top with an eye-catching feature. From plain square copings through to rounded or chamfered designs, Cumbrian Stone can produce a wide variety of coping styles to suit any project.

Pillar caps are normally designed to complement any adjacent coping stones, however these can also incorporate carvings and details such as stone spheres or finials to give a grand appearance to a main entrance or driveway.

In order to manufacture some of our most popular stone coping styles Cumbrian Stone would require the following sizes:

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