Sandstone paving is a great material for use externally to form patios, walkways and other features around your property. We cut all of our sandstone to order, allowing us to cut your paving to suit your building.

At Cumbrian Stone our sandstone paving is cut to a minimum thickness/depth of 40mm, although we do recommend a thickness of 50mm if possible as this gives additional strength within the slab and significantly reduces the chance of breakages during installation and future use.

The most cost-effective way to order sandstone paving is to specify a set width and thickness of paving slab, cut to random lengths to suit the stone slab. This minimises the amount of waste generated during the cutting process meaning that the savings generated can be passed on to you as the customer. It is also possible to specify set lengths if you require all the paving slabs to be cut at the same size for ease of

At Cumbrian Stone our sandstone paving is smooth finished, this gives a flat surface that is ideal for walkways and patios. It is possible to create additional slip resistance by sandblasting the top face of the paving slabs; this opens up the top face of the stone, creating a slightly rougher texture that can provide additional grip. This is ideal for public areas or walkways that are likely to be used in wet or icy conditions.

When installing internal flooring it may be advisable to apply a sealer to the surface of the stone to protect against liquid spills. As sandstone is a porous material it can stain due to spillages and a sealer will help to guard against this. Cumbrian Stone cannot guarantee that internal flooring will not become marked over time as a result of day-to-day use, and this should always be taken into account when specifying internal
stone flooring.

In order to manufacture sandstone paving for your project Cumbrian Stone would require the following sizes:

Area to be Covered – This is normally given as a square metre (m²) quantity, although can also be given as linear metres for a set width.

Slab Length – Our paving can be cut to set lengths or you can specify random lengths depending on your requirements.

Slab Width – This is the course width of the paving slabs and can be at one or multiple set sizes.

Slab Thickness – This is normally 40mm or 50mm, although our paving can be cut to a larger thickness if required.

Special Features – Details of any curved sections or areas where any additional shaping/cutting is required.

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