Quoin stones are a popular method of forming the corner of a building, giving a clean, defined edge that can enhance the appearance of any property. Quoin stones can also be used in conjunction with Corbel and Kneeler stones to create an eye catching feature at roof level when forming a gable or supporting additional sandstone features.

Sandstone quoins and corner stones can be used to form the corners of a building in place of brickwork or walling stone. They are used to give a clean edge to the building and are often a popular choice when combined with pitched faced walling.

Quoin stones can be cut to any size to suit your buildings appearance, however the two most popular options are square cut or L shaped. Square quoins are the most cost-effective option as there is very little waste in the stone block. L shaped quoins give a larger return leg on the quoin, making the stones look more substantial whilst being cut out to suit the cavity behind the external stone walls.

It is also possible to add details to the quoin stones, including chamfers, rock facing or tooling to further emphasise the quoin stones and give the desired appearance.

Some of the more popular quoin options we manufacture and the details we require for these stones are as follows:

Sandstone corbels and kneeler stones are normally found at the top of a set of quoins, and are used for providing support to gable copings or features at the top of the wall. These can range from simple angled stones through to carved units depending on your requirements.

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