A stone sphere or finial can be an eye-catching way of finishing a wall top, gable feature or pillar cap. Stone spheres can be made to any size to suit your requirements, and a stone finial can then be designed to suit the size of your sphere.

In order to manufacture your stone sphere all Cumbrian Stone need to know is the diameter of the stone sphere you require. This gives the size of the stone block required
to carve your stone as the length, width and height will all need to be the same as the
diameter for you to achieve the finished stone at the correct size.

Cumbrian Stone can then assist in the design of a proportionate finial that will suit your
sphere, taking into account any size limitations you may have. The level of detail in a sandstone finial can range from a square, simple design through to more ornate carvings. Ornate finials are often found on historic buildings and churches, although they can also be accommodated in modern construction if desired.

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