A natural stone staircase can be a stunning addition to any property, complimenting raised paved areas and changing levels around your building. As each step is cut and dressed to order, it is possible to produce a staircase to suit any style of building, with designs ranging from simple, straight flights to sweeping spiral staircases and other bespoke designs.

Ranging from square cut entrance steps to curved and angled stair sets, there are a number of options available to suit your requirements.

Sandstone steps can either be cut as solid, single units, or as individual treads and risers that can be clad on to a concrete base or pre-formed staircase that is already in place. The most common profiles for sandstone steps are as follows:
Steps.pngIn order to manufacture sandstone steps and staircases Cumbrian Stone requires the following information:

Step Length – The overall length of each step.

Tread Width – The width of the step at the widest point.

Rise Height – The height of the step from bottom to top.

Special Details – Details of any angles, curves or special details required.

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