A string course, cornice or feature band can be an ideal way to add depth and character to a property. Traditionally these features were designed to offer protection to the masonry below by forming a drip to prevent water running down the face of a building; they can also enhance the appearance of a building when incorporated into the design.

Details can range from square bands to intricate profiles depending on the style of the building and the budget available. A string course is normally used as a break in an elevation, either at first or second floor level, whilst a cornice is normally a larger version of the same profile used at the eaves level of a property in place of a fascia.

In order to obtain a quotation for a string course or cornice stone Cumbrian Stone would require the details of the desired profile (profile, height and depth), along with the number of linear metres of stone required. Any internal or external corners will need to be counted separately as these will need to be cut and dressed to suit.

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