Sandstone window and door surrounds are a popular option in all styles of development, and can be found in brick and rendered properties as well as in stone buildings. These surrounds can be cut and dressed to suit various styles, ranging from square cut contemporary features to more detailed profiles often found on historic properties and traditional builds.

Natural stone window surrounds help to give a higher specification feel to a property, adding to both the visual appeal and value of a development. The majority of window and door surrounds are made up of the following components:

Window Cills and Door Thresholds

A window cill or door threshold is the bottom stone in the surround. Cills and thresholds can be cut to any size and style to suit your property, with the majority falling into one of three different categories; Stooled Cills, Slip Cills and Square Cills.

Square cills are simple square section stones cut to a set length, width and height with no weathering. These can be manufactured using just these three sizes and are the cheapest option for a window cill. Slip cills and stooled cills require more detail to enable us to manufacture these, however these can be more aesthetically pleasing. The weathering also provides run-off for any water which is beneficial in directing any water that runs down the window away from the building.

Jamb and Mullion Stones

A window surround may or may not incorporate jamb or mullion stones depending on the design of the window and style of the property. If jamb stones are required they can be cut in a similar style to square quoins with varying lengths or alternatively they can be cut in a single long length as per the adjacent photograph. Mullions are always cut in longer lengths and feature as a break between glazed panels in larger windows.

Heads and Lintels

The final component used to form a surround is the head or lintel. This stone spans across the top of the surround, providing support to the masonry above the opening.

Window heads can be square cut or detailed depending on the style of the window surround, with any design normally complimenting the profile used on the jamb stones. For example, chamfered jambs would normally fit well with a chamfered head.


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