Our Stones

Lazonby Sandstone

Lazonby sandstone is a medium grained sandstone from the Permian age.  It is light pink in colour with a high Quartz content giving it a distinct sparkle in the sunlight. Its hard wearing and  consistent texture make it ideal for Walling, Cladding and Paving.

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St Bees Sandstone

St Bees Project 1

St Bees is a fine grained and consistently textured stone. Its fine grain and tight bedding make it a highly sought after stone suitable for  masonry, walling and for detailed carving. It is generally red-plum in colour with a variation of darker beds running throughout.

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Corsehill Sandstone


Corsehill Red sandstone is a fine grained sandstone from the Triassic age. It’s hard wearing and consistent texture makes it ideal for masonry, walling, cladding and paving. Oxidisation can sometimes occur on the face of the stone causing a dark discolouration.

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Longridge Sandstone


Longridge Stone (also known as Lower Pendle Sandstone) is a hard wearing medium to coarse grained millstone grit. It is generally light buff in colour with swirls of golden brown / orange giving it a distinct and varied natural appearance.

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Witton Fell Sandstone


Witton Fell is a fine grain buff grit stone from the carboniferous age. It is generally buff in colour with occasional light brown flecks and veins. Its properties make it suitable for fine carvings, masonry, and walling.

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Scotch Buff Sandstone


Scotch Buff is a Medium grained Carboniferous Westphalian Sandstone, Generally Buff  in colour with occasional brown bed lines and speckles. Darker buff to almost light orange patches also appear within the stone.

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Wattscliffe Sandstone


Wattscliffe Gritstone is medium grained and uniformly lilac / grey in colour with occasional buff / white intrusions. It is essentially a free stone and therefore almost equally durable in most common masonry applications whichever way its natural bed is laid.

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Elswick Grey Sandstone


Elswick Grey Sandstone is a fine to medium grained, versatile stone suitable for most applications The stone is a medium grey with dark, linear markings through its face, and due to its hard wearing nature it is predominantly used for external applications including ashlar, paving and carved features.

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