Porches, Porticos and Natural Stone Columns

A porch or portico is usually used to emphasise the main entrance to a property. Styles can range from a simple canopy to more ornate designs featuring carved masonry and columns depending on your requirements.
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Porches, Porticos and Natural Stone Columns

The design and style of your porch or portico is flexible depending on your requirements. At Cumbrian Stone we are able to produce a wide variety of components, and as each stone is cut to order we can ensure that everything fits with your requirements.

Lintels and Canopies – The top section of a porch or portico is always made up of either a lintel (top photo) or a more intricate canopy (bottom photo). A lintel is normally used where the porch is recessed back into a building whereas a canopy would be used when the porch or portico is to project out from the front of the building.

When using a canopy this can be made entirely out of sandstone, or alternatively you can use a concrete/block backing with a thin sandstone cladding to give the appearance of a single stone unit.

Jambs and Columns – The side supports for a porch or portico can be formed using jambs or columns depending on the design of your building. If the porch is to be enclosed then the use of jambs and mullions to form window surrounds below the canopy is a popular option as this maximises the amount of natural light entering the porch. If the porch is to be open at the front and sides then the canopy can be supported using stone columns; these can either be square cut or round stones and may incorporate a profiled detail at the cap and base to give a more ornate appearance.

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