Sawn Six Sides and Monumental Masonry Supply

We source all of our natural stones direct from quarry operators, and regularly work alongside stonemasons, sculptors and monumental masons to supply square sawn and blank units in all of our stones
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Sawn Six Sides and Monumental Masonry Supply

From individual stones through to large masonry projects, we supply all of our stones as plain sawn units (sawn six sides) for dressing by our customers. We cre also able to supply part worked stones and blanks to monumental masons for finishing in their own workshops. This is ideal for projects where the finished sizes are known but the final details for the carving work still need to be confirmed.

Every stone ordered with Cumbrian Stone is cut to order, menaning we can accomodate most stone sizes provided that we can source quarried blocks big enough. Our team will advise you if it is not possible to cut your stone in a single unit due to its size, and will work with you to find a suitable solution for your project.

If you aren’t sure whether sawn six sides or finished units would be more suited to your project we are always happy to provide a quotation for both options. Many masonry contractors choose to have us carry out the more repetitive masonry work on larger units such as columns and cornice stones as we are able to carry this work out both quicker and cheaper thanks to our state of the art profile and CNC saws. This frees them up to complete the more detailed and intricate work for their customers.

When ordering sawn stone units we ask that our customers provide the sawn dimensions ad length x depth x height in order to ensure that the natural stone beds are cut correctly. if you are unsure about how to size and schedule your natural stone then our team will work with you ensure that your stone is cut correctly for its intended purpose.

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