Stone Steps and Staircases

A natural stone staircase or stone step can be a stunning addition to any property, complimenting raised paved areas and changing levels around your building.
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Stone Steps and Staircases

Ranging from square cut entrance steps to curved and angled stair sets, there are a number of options available to suit your requirements.

Sandstone steps can either be cut as solid, single units, or as individual treads and risers that can be clad on to a concrete base or pre-formed staircase that is already in place.

In order to manufacture sandstone steps and staircases Cumbrian Stone requires the following information:

Step Length – The overall length of each step.

Tread Width – The width of the step at the widest point.

Rise Height – The height of the step from bottom to top.

Special Details – Details of any angles, curves or special details required.

The standard presentation for stone block sizes is Length x Width x Height and where possible stone should always be ordered in this format to avoid incorrect bedding plains.

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