Thin Cladding Systems

Thin cladding or ashlar cladding systems usually comprise of a 40-50mm thick sandstone panel fixed back to a rail system in order to provide a quick and effective method of cladding a building in natural stone.
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Thin Cladding Systems

Modern thin cladding systems comprise of a 40-50mm sandstone panel that is fixed into place on a metal frame in order to create the external walls on a building. This style of system is more common in high rise buildings and those with a large external wall area to cover where traditional methods are likely to be expensive and time consuming.

Thin stone cladding systems are designed for a speedy installation, and normally you would expect that the sandstone panels would mostly be the same size with the exception of any special units required at more complex areas of the building. Larger panels also tend to be preferred as they again speed up the installation time, however this can prove to be an issue if the panel weight becomes too much to handle safely so this should also be accounted for.

When working with a thin cladding system it is important to consult with a structural engineer who will be able to advise you as to the tolerances and loads exerted on the stone. Cumbrian Stone can supply the sandstone panels however we do not supply the cladding frame system and this should be purchased from a specialist supplier who can advise on the stone design required for their system.

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