Wattscliffe Sandstone

Popular with stone carvers and on restoration projects, Wattscliffe sandstone is a consistent, lilac sandstone with few natural variations. Quarried near Matlock in Derbyshire, this stone is ideal on projects where a clean and consistent sandstone is desired.
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Wattscliffe sandstone is quarried at Elton near Matlock in Derbyshire and is used on projects across the UK for a wide variety of uses. The stone’s lilac colour and uniform nature have made Wattscliffe sandstone a popular choice as an alternative to the traditional red and buff sandstones commonly available. Wattscliffe sandstone is very durable in nature and as there are very few natural flaws within the block it is very popular where a “clean” stone is required.

Wattscliffe Sandstone Typical Variations

The top six samples shown on the above variation photo show a rubbed/ashlar finish. The bottom left sample shows a sandblasted finish. The bottom centre sample shows a pitched/rock faced walling finish. The variations shown in the above sample panel are indicitive of the different variations commonly found in Wattscliffe Sandstone. As sandstone is a natural product it is not possible to guarantee the inclusion or exclusion of any natural variations within newly cut sandstone units.

Technical Data* for Wattscliffe Sandstone

Compressive Strength56 MPA
Water Absorbtion4.75%
Durability (Freeze Thaw)Pass
Flexural Strength5.1 MPA
Breaking Load at Dowel HoleNPD
Slip Resistance (Dry)NPD
Slip Resistance (Wet)NPD
Abrasion ResistanceNPD
Vapour PermeabilityNPD
Reaction to FireEuroclass A1

*Please note that as natural stone is a natural product there can be variations in the composition of the stone that would result in these test results varying across the raw material. These results are an average taken from the testing of multiple samples taken from several quarried blocks. Cumbrian Stone would always recommend consulting a structural engineer to establish the minimum required properties where natural stone is being used for structural purposes, and the results contained on this sheet are not to be taken as a structural recommendation in any case.

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