Natural stone is a versatile material that has been used in the construction of buildings for thousands of years. One of the oldest stone chapels still in use in the UK dates back to around 663AD, highlighting the durability of natural stone as a building material. This is also clear from our history, with natural stone being found on our castles, churches and cathedrals, as well as on other prominent buildings in cities across the UK.

As a building material, natural stone does far more than just stand the test of time. The wide range of colours and grains available from different quarries has resulted in natural stone becoming a desirable product to use as its appearance can enhance a building, improving its overall appeal and increasing the property value to prospective buyers. This is why more and more housebuilders are choosing to select locally sourced natural stone when undertaking a development. This can range from the inclusion of sandstone features and window surrounds through to cladding using sandstone walling and smooth ashlar panels depending on the desired appearance.

At Cumbrian Stone, each stone requested by our customers is cut to order. This allows us to work to the sizes you require rather than being tied to a limited number of components that the design has to work around. This provides an element of flexibility and adaptability that is often not available when using other building products, making natural stone ideal for extending an existing building where the original sizes may not quite fit with standard sizes that other modern or mass-produced products are sold at.

The composition of our natural stones also makes it ideal for carving, allowing the inclusion of bespoke details including date stones and plaques through to gargoyles and sculptures depending on our customers’ requirements. This, combined with the natural variations found within natural stone ensures that every building is unique, further adding to the value and desirability of any property.