Our Natural Stone Products

From walling stone and window surrounds through to fire surrounds and memorials, this is where you will find some of the most common natural stone products that our customers ask us to make on a regular basis.
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Walling and External Cladding

One of the most popular products we supply, we offer a range of different walling and external cladding options to our customers. These include bagged rubble, coursed and pitched walling, smooth ashlar, thin cladding and thin walling slips, meaning there’s always an option to suit your style.

Window and Door Surrounds

From square section surrounds to profiled and carved feature windows, a natural stone window surround is an easy and inexpensive way to incorporate natural stone into your property, regardless of your external wall finish.

Quoin Stones

A great way to finish the external corners of your property, natural stone quoins are a great way to frame your building whilst also providing a clean, defined edge to work to. These are commonly used to compliment stone, brick and render finishes.

Coping Stones and Wall Tops

Coping stones are traditionally used to finish a wall top, providing an aesthetically pleasing finish whilst also ensuring that water runs off the top of the wall. Profiles range from flat, square sections to ornate carved profiles.

Plinth Courses and Base Stones

A plinth or base course is often used at ground level in order to provide a contrast to the main wall cladding, as well as to provide a level footing for the external walls to be built on. A plint course is ideal where there are several changes in level around the perimeter of a property.

String Course, Cornice Stones and Feature Bands

A string, cornice or feature band is a great way to help break up a large area of masonry or render, whilst also providing an eyecatching feature that enhances the overall appearance of a building. Profiles can range from plain square sections up to large ornate profiles.

Corbel and Kneeler Stones

A feature corbel or kneeler stone is often used to create an eye catching feature at roof level of below a projecting carved feature on a property. These stones are often a great way to incorporate carved, bespoke details into a building. 

Paving and Stone Flooring

Natural stone is often used for both external paving and internal flooring, and is often used as a contrast against other softer materials used in the landscaping element of a project. 

Natural Stone Arches

A natural stone archway can form part of a prominent entrance to a building and is always a striking feature that is sure to impress. From simple, three centred arches to ornate tudor or gothic designs, there are several options when selecting your chosen arch profile.

Date Stones and Name Plaques

An ideal way to add the personal touch to a project is by adding in a bespoke lettered plaque or date stone to commemorate its completion. 

Columns, Porches and Porticos

A porch or portico is usually used to emphasise the main entrance into a property. Styles can range from a simple canopy to more ornate designs featuring carved masonry and columns depending on the style of your property.

Steps and Staircases

A natural stone staircase can be a stunning addition to any property, complimenting raised paving and changing levels around a building. our natural stone staircases can range from simple, square treads and risers through to sweeping spiral staircases depending on your requirements.

Pillar Caps, Spheres and Finials

A feature pillar cap or finial is a great way to finish off a pillar, and these are often used to frame the entrance to a driveway or footpath. Finishes can range from square sections to ornate carved detials to suit any building.


Natural stone balusters are often found on historic properties and more traditional projects, and are an elegant way to frame a staircase or parapet wall. 

Natural Stone Fire Surrounds and Hearth Stones

A natural stone fire surround or hearth stone is a great addition to any fireplace. With designs ranging from contemporary and modern through to traditional designs, there’s a natural stone surround to suit every taste. 

Memorial Stones

Carved natural stone is a stunning way to create a one of a kind memorial to remember a loved one. Each stone is carefully selected and hand dressed by our masons, and can include bespoke carvings and lettering depending on the style of memorial you choose.

Bespoke Carving and Feature Stones

There’s not much we can’t do with natural stone, so if you’ve got an idea for a bespoke carving or feature stone you would like for your next project our team of skilled masons can make your ideas into reality.

Our Natural Stone Products

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