Our Range of Natural Sandstone

At Cumbrian Stone we stock a wide range of red, buff and grey sandstones that are suitable for a wide variety of uses. We cut each of these stones to order, meaning that we can ensure every stone we cut is a perfect fit for your project.
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Lazonby Sandstone

One of our most popular red sandstones, Lazonby sandstone is quarried just outside of Penrith, Cumbria. Lazonby sandstone is exceptionally hard wearing and durable, and is a popular choice for walling, paving and bespoke features thanks to its durability.

St Bees Sandstone

Quarried on the west coast of Cumbria, St Bees sandstone is the darkest of the red sandstones we offer. St Bees sandstone can be found on many high profile projects thanks to its distinctive appearance, and is a popular choice for both internal and external applications.

Locharbriggs Sandstone

One of the best known red sandstones we supply, Locharbriggs sandstone has been used on high profile projects all over the UK. Quarried in Dumfries and Galloway, Locharbriggs sandstone has a distinctive black marking through its rich red appearance. 

Cove Sandstone

Cove Red sandstone is a fine-grained sandstone from the Triassic age. It’s hard wearing and consistent texture makes it ideal for masonry walling, cladding and paving. Oxidisation can sometimes occur on the face of the stone causing a dark discolouration.

Fletcher Bank Sandstone

Fletcher Bank is a coarse-grained millstone grit from the Carboniferous period hailing from a quarry near Ramsbottom, Lancashire. Buff to grey in colour, Fletcher Bank is a popular option that has been used on projects across the UK.

Longridge Sandstone

A durable and hard wearing buff sandstone, Longridge sandstone is one of the most popular buff sandstones that we supply. Quarried near Preston in Lancashire, Longridge sandstone features a unique orange swirl through the buff stone that helps add character to any project.

Scotch Buff Sandstone

Scotch Buff sandstone is quarried at Scotch Corner near Richmond, North Yorkshire. Scotch Buff sandstone is a popular choice for large developments thanks to its warm buff colour. This stone showcases darker spots and linear markings that add to its overall appearance.

Peak Moor Sandstone

A well known and popular buff sandstone, Peak Moor sandstone has can be found on projects all over the UK. Quarried near Matlock in Derbyshire, Peak Moor sandstone is regularly used for external applications thanks to its durability and stunning apperance.

Wattscliffe Sandstone

Popular with stone carvers and on restoration projects, Wattscliffe sandstone is a consistent, lilac sandstone with few natural variations. Quarried near Matlock in Derbyshire, this stone is ideal on projects where a clean and consistent sandstone is desired.

Our Range of Natural Sandstones

Can’t quite find the sandstone or natural stone that you are looking for?

Don’t worry, Cumbrian Stone may still be able to help with your project.

At Cumbrian Stone we have an extended network of quarry operators and quarry block suppliers who may have the ideal stone for your project. Depending on the size and nature of your project Cumbrian Stone can secure, cut and carve these stones on your behalf. This ensures that you are able to have your ideal natural stone produced to the high standards our customers have come to expect when working with Cumbrian Stone.

If we are unable to secure your required natural stone ourselves then we can also help put you in touch with other trusted natural stone suppliers who will be able to assist in helping find your ideal stone directly.

To find out how our team can help you find the right natural stone for your project or for further details of the extended range of natural stones we are able to offer please get in touch with our team and we will do our best to help find the right solution for your project.

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